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Name:Mei-Hui Chen
Title :Director
Tel :(049)2910960 #2840
Email :

● Comprehensively manage business of Entrepreneur Incubator
★ Substitute:Wan-Chi Pan, Meng-Ying Yang

Name :
Title :
Tel :(049)2910960 #2843
Email :

● Assist in the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship courses in the school, as well as the promotion of the entrepreneurship living experiment (living lab) base.
● Incubate new teams of teachers and students on campus, promote courses, activities and counseling, etc.
● Implementation of government plans and writing of plans.
● Counseling manufacturers, providing business marketing, matchmaking, operation management counseling, assisting in the application of government subsidy program resources, etc.
● Assist the school in the promotion of R&D achievements and technology matchmaking with the industry.
● Perform tasks assigned by the executive supervisor, such as factory visits, project planning, etc.
● Other temporary assignments
★ Substitute:Meng-Ying Yang, Wan-Chi Pan

Name :Wan-Chi Pan
Title :Contract Officer
Tel :(049)2910960 #2841
Email :wcpan@ncnu.edu.tw


● Assist in the planning and writing of subsidy programs related to entrepreneurial incubation
● Assist student entrepreneurial teams in obtaining government resources and promotion of results
● Teacher-student entrepreneurship cooperation, cultivation and guidance
● Counseling student teams to participate in various entrepreneurial plans/competitions
● Establish and handle Annual plan for cultivating student teams
● Implement the Ministry of Education’s U-start plan, the Ministry of Education’s Higher Education Deep Cultivation Program
● Links to creative and educational units in the Central District, links to the original youth entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Central District
● Center-related administrative operations, general administrative affairs
● Others Temporary assignments
★ Substitute:Meng-Ying Yang, Hui-Ju Ho

Name :Meng-Ying Yang
Title :Assistant
Tel :(049)2910960 #2842
Email :meyimg@ncnu.edu.tw


● Recruitment, cultivation and counseling of start-ups and micro-enterprises
● Assisting resident manufacturers in obtaining government resources and promotion of achievements
● Management of the incubation room and venue (school headquarters and Central Taiwan Science Park) of the Entrepreneurship Incubation Center
● Contact and service of resident manufacturers, school headquarters and Central Taiwan Science Park Space equipment and property management in the park
● Space and equipment management and repair (center property and site equipment)
● Matchmaking and counseling between manufacturers and teachers in the park
● Management and maintenance of EMBA and final on-the-job special classes
● Center-related administrative operations and general administration General affairs
● Other temporary assignments
★ Substitute:Wan-Chi Pan, Hui-Ju Ho

Name :Hui-Ju Ho
Title :Assistant
Tel :(049)2910960 #2844
Email :hjho@ncnu.edu.tw


● Project management of government-related subsidy programs
● Innovation and entrepreneurship course management and promotion
● Links to public associations and government resources
● Innovation and entrepreneurship forums, youth entrepreneurship clusters and teacher communities
● U-Start Yuanyang Central District Partner School/U-Start Project/Executing Higher Education Intensive Cultivation Program
● Chinese Science and Technology Production and Training Program
● Fan Page Management
● Center-related administrative operations, general administrative affairs
● Other temporary assignments
★ Substitute:Shen-Chun Chang

Name :
Title :Administrative Employee
Tel :(049)2910960 #2846
Email :


● Matters related to the property management of the Incubation Center
● Computer room management R109 and item borrowing registration
● Assisting colleagues in the office to handle the write-off business
● Center’s website management
● Transferring information on various academic activities and seminars of other academic institutions (units)
● Center-related administrative operations, general administrative affairs
● Other temporary assignments
★ Substitute:Hui-Ju Ho