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Manufacturer Guidance

Stationed in Entrepreneur Incubator NCNU

  • Benefits
    Through the platform of the Entrepreneur Incubator, resources on and off campus are connected, such as the excellent faculty members of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality, the Tourism Association of Puli District, the Shuisha Lian Office, restaurants around Sun Moon Lake, local stores in Puli, and the establishment a Puli tourism network.
  • Resources
    College of Science and Technology of our school have a wide range of professional capabilities, and have developed special research in "Communication Multimedia Technology", "Nanomaterials and Optoelectronics Technology", "Disaster Prevention Technology Research", "Biomedical Technology and Analytical Technology", and "Organic Optoelectronic Materials and Components", providing both theoretical and practical research capabilities for incoming companies.
  • Business support
    Guiding the writing of business plan concepts, assisting in company establishment registration or business registration, assisting in organizing product exhibitions, providing intellectual and financial professional consulting, assisting in contacting capital channels, obtaining government planning resources (awards) and assisting companies to go public.
  • Technical support
    Provide enterprises stationed with software and hardware equipment such as laboratories of the Academy of Sciences, research and development results of teachers of the school, and invite teachers to assist manufacturers in developing products and technologies.